Emotional Intelligence Program for Children!

Emotional Intelligence Program for Children!

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Award-Winning Finalist for the International Book Awards in the Parenting/Family category. Five-star Reader's Choice Awards.


The Emotional Intelligence Program for Children! is an innovative solution for parents and teachers concerned about the social readiness of young children. Classroom, playground, store, and home environments each present unique behavioral challenges for children and even experienced caregivers are often left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted!


This program was written BY parents FOR parents and features 58 real-world lessons that can be used to immediately improve behavior (e.g., Do you want friends? Learn to share!). Each simple lesson is acted out by three cartoon characters representing shy, impulsive, and moderate personality types. Consideration for others along with positive benefits of good behavior are taught in a way that children can understand.


Success in life is dependent on a number of factors. A high IQ is not enough. Emotional intelligence, the ability to identify and manage the emotions of oneself and others, is critical. Emotional intelligence is measured as EQ.


Consider this: a high IQ may enable one to solve difficult puzzles and gain proficiency in the fields of math, science and language. Emotional intelligence, however, allows us to solve the HUMAN puzzle! A child or adult with high EQ will have empathy, friendships, self-awareness, self-control and be adept at conflict resolution. Reaserch shows that children who exhibit proper behavior around others are more likely to be successful in life.


In this book, the fictitious characters Sparkelina (a young girl), Busybee (a giant bee) and Sophie (a pink elephant) are discovering how best to behave in various social situations. Kids will smile as they learn by following the adventures of their favorite friends.


This program includes 5 books:

  • How to Describe My Feelings
  • How to Make and Keep Friends
  • How to Mind My Manners
  • How to Calm Down
  • How to Stay Safe


Where applicable, a "Suggested Reading Methods" page is included so that parents, teachers, and counselors may have a guide to establishing communication and interaction with young readers.

  • Reviews

    The Emotional Intelligence Program for Children! by Kinderwise is amazing for children and parents. As a therapist and mother, I understand the challenges of teaching children about emotional intelligence. The graphics in the books grab children's attention. Additionally, there are great guides to help parents use the books while integrating emotional intelligence concepts. I would recommend this book for any educator, therapist, and parent. It is a great book in the growing filed of emotional intelligence.

  • Awards

    2018 Award-Winning Finalist for the International Book Awards under the Parenting/Family category.


    Readers Choice Awards 2018