sparkelina live

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the money paid to hire Sparkelina Live considered a donation?

Yes! Sparkelina Live is produced by Kinderwise Foundation which is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Your generous and tax-deductible gift helps children grow wiser, kinder and happier through quality live shows and other multimedia formats.

Is Sparkelina Live educational or for entertainment only?

Both! Any educational material is presented in a fun, casual way. Children often learn without realizing they are learning.

What can I expect at a Sparkelina Live concert?

A larger-than-life musical stage production for kids based in Southern California. The show has music, singing, dancing, comedy, skits, bubles, parachute with balls & more. The show is uniquely designed to make each young one feel as though they are co-stars in the action and not merely passive observers.

How long is a typical show?

Shows are 30-40 minutes with a 5-minute Q&A afterwards, along with an additional 15-minute meet and greet/photo opps with the cast.

I want to hire Sparkelina Live. Whom do I contact and what should I expect?

You can contact us through our contact form here and someone will get back to you shortly.

What are your songs about?

Most music material is based on common milestones like tying your shoes, learning to share and care, friendship, love, resilience, buckling your seatbelt, doing your best, critical thinking, reading and more!

How many characters are a part of Sparkelina Live?

Three: Sparkelina and Busybee (the mascot bee) and hand puppet Sophie are a part of every show. Sophie, the mascot pink elephant, can be added upon special request for an additional fee depending on availability.

Whom do I make the donation check out to when hireing Sparkelina Live?

Please make all donation checks out to Kinderwise Foundation, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, when hiring Sparkelina Live.

What kind of equipment or facility does a Sparkelina concert require?

A 3-pronged electrical outlet and room for kids and the group to move around. A minimal 10' x 10' performance area for the performers is recommended. All equipment and props that are necessary for the show are already provided.

Will my children stay interested for 40 minutes?

The characters have lots of experience with young children and have no problem keeping children engaged. As a matter of fact, most children are still wanting more.

What kinds of shows do you do?

Any event that has kids: preschools, schools, fairs, festivals, theme parks, zoos, events, fundraisers, malls, theatres, TV, holiday events. Sparkelina Live can fit on any stage area, large or small.