(Booking fees are tax-deductible)

Sparkelina Live specializes in school assemblies and events for children from preschool to 2nd grades. Life skills, character development, anti-bullying, and the value of knowledge are some of the topics covered in each show. Children learn through the adventures of Sparkelina, Busybee and Sophie who suddenly find themselves in the world.

Through their magical journey of singing, dancing, comedic skits, outrageous props and interactivity, and with the help of audience participation, the friends soon learn how to get along. Making the world a better place for our children starts with teaching better social interaction and the value of learning. Sparkelina Live is highly effective and motivational because of the unique and engaging way in which we present these topics.

Sparkelina Live was produced by Kinderwise Foundation. This show is meant to aid in the development of empathy, social skills, manners, self-control and critical thinking in children ages 3-7. Parents should see the show as a reinforcement of the important life lessons they teach their own children each day about love, respect, kindness, integrity, humanity that will lead to a successful life in the future.


For the children, we wish to create a strong emotional bond and have them personally identify with each character. Only by developing this bond will they truly be open to learning.