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Nancy is the founder and president of Kinderwise Foundation. She's a mom to a wonderful little boy as well as her kitty Mr. Sniffles. Her desire for a clear, accessible approach to social-emotional intelligence development stemmed from her personal experience. Raised by an orphaned mother with Asperger syndrome and a highly intelligent, yet anti-social father, she found childhood social interaction to be a challenge. She read book after book to “fill in the blanks” of her own lack of social knowledge. She discovered that empathy, awareness of feelings, self-regulation, conflict resolution and people skills form the foundation for a successful, happy life.


The founder longed to put this knowledge into easy-to-use books, shows, workshops & more that would help aid children in social-emotional intelligence development. She felt it was important that the media be written from the perspective of a child. To do this, she created three imaginary friends - Sparkelina, Busybee and Sophie. Much like children, these characters would have to learn how to get along with each other and others. This is the central concept of Kinderwise Foundation.


Kinderwise Foundation's mission is to strengthen social-emotional skills in children everywhere through books, shows, workshops & more. 

A child or adult with high social-emotional skills will have empathy, friendships, self-awareness, self-control and be adept at conflict resolution. Reaserch shows that children who exhibit proper behavior around others are more likely to be successful in life.


"There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - anonymous

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Karen Wulff, B.S.


Karen has a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems. She owns her own website designing firm and helps the foundation gain online exposure. For over a decade she's worked with kids teaching drums. She is also a mother to three beautiful children.

Shanta Robinson, B.A.

Board Member

Shanta has a Bachelor in Performing Arts, 15 years teaching dance in private studios, for theaters, film and for public and charter school systems. She also was part of an anti-bullying theatre group that toured schools.  She choreographs our live show Sparkelina.

Karen Robles, B.A., A.S.

Board Member

Karen Robles has a Bachelor in Production and Direction for film and TV, an Associate degree in Computer Science, experience working with children and 

performing, as well helps with Bilingual English/Spanish.

Emmy Lam, M.B.A.

Board Member

Ms. Lam is an awe-inspiring entrepreneur and motivator. Over a decade, she has provided exceptional events and programs to make a positive impact on children and families throughout Southern California. She is also passionately involved in serving communities locally and internationally. She has an MBA in marketing.

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